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RBX Touches On Death Row Records Controversy In “Lets Ride” Music Video Featuring Sccit & Klientel


(Long Beach) Former Death Row Records inmate and DPG co-founder, RBX, dropped his new single “Lets Ride” along with its official music video. The song, off his comeback album Hibernation Shivers, is led by a funky west coast groove laced by Labcabin Records’ Sccit & Siavash The Grouch and features Sccit as well as San Fernando Valley veteran Klientel.

The west coast legend, known as The Narrator, proclaimed his excitement to release his first new album in 16 years. “Snoopy done bought Death Row but it was Sccit & Siavash who inspired me to make music again with the bangers they was bringin’ to the table,” said RBX. “That authentic energy. None of that phony bullshit, ya dig?”

The “Lets Ride” video taps into the controversy surrounding the return of Death Row Records, displaying a baseball game between the label and Labcabin Records that ends in a classic brawl. “We got nothin but the upmost respect for Death Row’s legacy and were initially very happy to see it back in Snoop’s hands,” says Sccit. “But the fact of the matter is, what the real hip-hop heads expected and what’s been coming out from them is night & day. When we first started working with X on the album he was told that Snoop was bringin’ back the original Death Row cast and that there were big plans in store. Dogg Pound, Suga Free, Eastsidaz, Lady of Rage as well. They were all said to be droppin’, but we later found that it was all talk when nothing but R&B compilations and different typa stuff was being pushed. We used that as motivation to make some great music on our own terms without all the Hollywood vibes.”

Siavash added, “we’re all about restoring that feeling. Classic west coast hip hop with a new touch; a sprinkle of that middle eastern seasoning. You want to make sure the shawarma is nice and flavorful, not some bland, dry flavorless chicken, which is what a lot of you are eating and don’t even know. Anyways, ‘Lets Ride’ is the jump off into this new album. We shot the video all here in the SFV”

“Lets Ride” is the second single from the upcoming Hibernation Shivers album and the first official music video. RBX dropped “Nightstalker”, a single featuring Krayzie Bone of Bone Thugs~N~Harmony, in early July.

The highly anticipated album includes a star-studded line-up of golden era emcees including: MC Eiht, Project Pat, Spice 1, Daz Dillinger, Kurupt, Ras Kass, Krayzie Bone, Cold 187um, Fatlip and more, with a scheduled release this November.

You can check the official music video for “Let’s Ride” here:


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