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Anacron is Way 2 Sicc! (Audio Update)


Dubcnn would like to present Chicago-transplanted Los Angeles native Anacron.

In 2001, Anacron released a very underrated album with the group The Netherworlds(Murs, Anacron Himself). Unfortunately, the album and music was not pushed properly, causing many hip hop fans to overlook it. The Netherworlds comes highly recommended, and features classic cuts like “Cali (Souled Out)” and “Fat Boys”, both of which you can check out at Myspace.com/TheNetherworlds.

Currently, Anacron is working on a group called Cornrowz and has been working for a few years with Old Man Malcom, the original DJ from Garbage and Citizen King. Readers can check out Cornrowz in our audio preview;

      1. The Cornrowz (Anacron) F/ Murs - Panties (Old Man Malcom Remix).

Anacron has also been busy recording his own solo material in the studio, and you can listen to the track

      2. Pneumonia (Way 2 Sicc)
which is produced by Earmint.

Additionally, we have the track “Club Etiquette” which provides the perfect outline of conduct for the un-educated club-going class of today;

      3. Anacron - Club Etiquette


      4. Anacron - Pneumonia

      5. Anacron - We Got The Beat F/ Irie of Pairograffs

      6. The Cornrowz (Anacron) F/ Murs - Panties (Old Man Malcom Remix)

      7. Anacron - Club Etiquette

For more info on Anacron, please visit Myspace.com/AnacronMusic.