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Snoop Dogg & Suge Knight Reunite


Here is something I never saw coming. While Snoop Dogg is in Lion mode closing in on the release date for Reincarnated, he ran into his former Death Row Records boss Suge Knight.

Snoop taking to Instagram, posted this picture along with the caption: “N d club wit Suge miss those death row days!


What do you guys make of this?!

  • LoS AnGeLiNoS


    • super norte


  • big omar

    is that a real picture??? becouse I found snoop a lil bit strange. maybe it’s someone who looks like snoop!!!

  • slimMackin

    Money make u do strange things!..either that or the relationship we thought they had isn’t so ..

  • gb2069

    If this pic is real then Suge is a bitch ass nig!! Only bitches eat off of others plates.

  • skarep

    bring back dat g shit

  • Sellouts

    Snoops a sellout! Snoop Lion is sh*t! Suge Knight is a fat fake ass c*nt! They deserve each other.

  • Transplant

    Thats suspect. Snoop probably showing how close he can get to that off brand.