The boys are back and the heat is on as always!

Microphone Masters Radio with J-Luv and Starr Saxxxon is back from a Summer break.

J and Saxx come bearing gifts with conversations with St Joe Louis and Tre Hype. Take a few minutes to enjoy new music from artists you will want to become familiar with.

Check out heat from The Roots, St. Joe Louis, The Alchemist, Jurassic 5 and more.

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Microphone Masters Radio Episode 177 (08-09-17) Tracklist

The Roots feat Bilal – It Ain’t Fair
Jay-Z – The Story of OJ
St. Joe Louis Part 1
St. Joe Lous x JR & PH7 – Coral Cadavers
St. Joe Lous x JR & PH7 – No Anthems
The Alchemist – Try My Hand
St. Joe Louis Part 2
St. Joe Lous x JR & PH7 – Duck Duck Goose
St. Joe Lous x JR & PH7 – Driven
Brother Ali – Bad Mfucker II
Segment 3: Tre Hype
Tre Hype – That Boy
Tre Hype – Kick the Can
Chuwee – Perception
Starr Saxxxon Soliloquy
Jurassic 5 – Customer Service

Microphone Masters Radio Episode 177 (08-09-17) Show (Stream/Download)

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