Multi-talented emcee and producer, Knowledge the Pirate stops by to chat.

Microphone Masters Radio Show Episode #232 features specia guest Knowledge the Pirate. He talks about sticking to a vision and a sound that he loves. He shares with us how often he writes and the switch that gets flipped when he is in project mode. He pulls the curtain back a bit and discusses what he has learned about the business of music as well.

Check out songs from phREshologists, Ice Cube, Jamal, J-Luv, C-Bo, Jayo Felony and more

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Microphone Masters Radio Episode 232 (05-07-20) Tracklist

J-Luv – Riled Up
Sean Price – Bobby MC Bars
Blaze Rock feat Keith Murray – All Hail
Jamal – Fades em All
phREshologists – Reach Out
Knowledge the Pirate Part 1
Ice Cube – Good Cop, Bad Cop
Jayo Felony feat Xzibit – Ape Shit
Knowledge the Pirate Part 2
Knowledge the Pirate – Red Beam
C-Bo feat E-40 – 40 & C-Bo
Locksmith – Gimme A Sec
Knowledge the Pirate Part 3
Knowledge the Pirate – Oni Experience
Kxng Crooked – Cigar Boy Freestyle
Blaine Coffee – GOAT
Living Legends – After Hours

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