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Cypress Hill/Visionaries Show Review


Aight, overall, the show was hot. Visionaries got a little slept on, but there was no opening acts, the crowd wasn’t in the mood just yet. Lot’s of people were smoking, but security were trying to confiscate weed and kick out people. Nonetheless, people still smoked. Visionaries did stuff off of Pangaea, Sophmore Jinx and Galleries, as well as a few solo’s by 2Mex. The highlight of their show was when DJ Rhettmatic had his time to shine. He showed the crowd the skills he and his Beat Junkies crew are known for on the turntables. He then hopped on the beat machine and tore it up there, too. They had a good set. Look out for Pangaea, it’s still in stores. 2Mex’s album is still in stores. LMNO just released a solo album as well. Peep those out.

Next up was Cypress Hill. B-Real walked out and started doing “Another Body Drops,” then Sen Dog came out and did his verse. Already the crowd was hype. They went through a lot of their jams, from “Latin Thugs,” “Busted In The Hood,” “How I Could Just Kill A Man,” “Hand On The Pump,” “Cock The Hammer,” “Lick A Shot,” “Hits From The Bong,” “Dr. Green Thumb,” “What’s Your Number,” “Insane In The Brain” and more. But, there ALWAYS has to be some idiots that have to fuck up a good show. A little scuffle broke out right behind me, I was very close to the front, and somehow Pepper spray was sprayed into the air. The mist hit me in the face, as well as any and everyone in the vicinity. A lot of people cleared out, including me. I inhaled some of that shit and my eyes were killing me. I missed the rest of the show, which went on for about 30 minutes after. I’m unsure if they closed to show down or if Cypress just finished their set. Either way, up until that little disaster, the show was hot.

To anyone who goes to a Cypress Hill show or any Hip Hop show that may have moshing, DO NOT take it personal. If you do, then don’t join in. People who take that shit to the heart is why things like that happen.

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