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Heavyweight/Ruff City Ent. Mixtape


San Diego got a bubbling Underground scene. A lot of untapped talent out there. Well, here’s a compilation that features a lot of new up and comers from 1904. This was put together by Heavyweight/Ruff City Ent. Features tracks and freestyles from artsits like Kiki Romero, So Hood, Panick, 40-Cal. and many more. Peep it out. Also, be on the look out for more from Kiki Romero. His album Pray For Me will be out soon.


1. Intro – DJ Sparrow
2. Justify My Thug remix – Jazz, Kiki Romero
3. Lord Forgive Me – Lolifestylz
4. Droppin Bombs- Kiki Romero, So Hood
5. Who Shot Ya – Panick, 40-Cal., Lolifestylz
6. My Life, Mic, & Pain – Kiki Romero, B-One
7. Tha Anthem – Kiki Romero, Lolifestylz, Panick, So Hood, Broadway
8. Solid Introduction – 40-Cal., Broadway
9. Heavyweight Banga – Kiki Romero, So Hood, Smokey Mac
10. Round Here pt. 1- Lolifestylz
11. Can U Feel This? – So Hood, J. Hands
12. Many Men remix – Lolifestylz, Broadway
13. All Alone – Lolifestylz, Kiki Romero
14. Oh-Ni – Dopeboy
15. Iメm A Soldier – Kiki Romero, Panick
16. Fire We Are Born – Madd Jocker, Broadway
17. SouthTown Noise- So Hood, Kiki Romero
18. Hotel – Panick, Lolifestylz
19. Gメd Up remix – So Hood, Broadway, Panick, Lolifestylz, Kiki Romero
20. Lyrical Ammo – Kiki Romero, J-Hands, So Hood
21. Thug Musik – 40-Cal., Lolifestylz, Panick
22. Freestyle 1 – Kiki Romero
23. Dead Man Walking – 40-Cal., Lolifestylz
24. U Ainメt Ready – Kiki Romero, So Hood
25. Round Here pt. 2 – Panick, 40-Cal., Broadway
26. Outro Freestyle – Kiki Romero

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