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DJ Muggs vs. GZA music video shoot.


Dubcnn had the opportunity to attend the music video shoot for DJ Muggs vs. GZA – General Principles from their forthcoming album “Grandmasters” being released on Angeles Records. We spoke briefly to several of the artists and musicians that were present at the video shoot including DJ Muggs (Soul Assassins), DJ Khalil & Chace Infinite (Self Scientific), Skinhead Rob (Transplants), and DJ Warrior & DJ Strong (Cali Untouchables). They spoke to us about the video shoot, and also about some of their upcoming projects. Look for the DJ Muggs vs GZA – Grandmasters album to be released on October 25th. Also being released on the same day is the album by Self Scientific entitled “Change”. In exclusive news, Skinhead Rob revealed to us that he is collaborating with Travis Barker (Transplants,Blink 182), and top selling rapper Paul Wall (Swisha House) to form the group Expensive Taste. Look for more updates from these artists and more at Dubcnn.

Video Update
1. DJ Muggs (Soul Assassins)
2. DJ Khalil and Chace Infinite (Self Scientific)
3. Skinhead Rob (Transplants)
4. DJ Warrior & DJ Strong (Cali Untouchables)

Picture Update
1. Skinhead Rob, DJ Muggs, DJ Khalil, Chace Infinite, & DJ Strong
2. DJ Muggs, DJ Warrior, & DJ Strong
3. DJ Muggs on the ones and twos
4. DJ Muggs on the ones and twos
5. Chess Piece
6. DJ Muggs on the set
7. DJ Muggs on the set
8. DJ Muggs on the set

The Cover of “DJ Muggs vs. GZA – Grandmasters” Album

1. Opening
2. Those That`s Bout It
3. Destruction Of A Guard
4. Exploitation Of Mistakes
5. General Principles
6. Advance Pawns
7. Queen`s Gambit
8. All In Together Now
9. Unstoppable Threats
10. Unprotected Pieces
11. Illusory Protection
12. Smothered Mate

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