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Grand Scheem Is “On The Come Up”


“People sometimes say you have to scream to be heard…but I do it differently – I just scheem till I’m heard!”

In another of our “On The Come Up” features we take a look at an artist that has been making noise now for some time. We look into Grand Scheem, an artist that hails originally from Pakistan, who moved to Florida early in his life. We delve into his upbringing, find out about what made him move into Hip-Hop and what he has to offer his listeners.

Striving against oppression and stuggle he has grown up to view America as an ever changing place where discrimination still exists in great amounts; a view he wants to help change by using his musical talent. Read the full On The Come Up feature by using the link below.

Dubcnn Presents: On The Come Up: Grand Scheem

For those that just want to hear some music before reading through it check out the two cuts below, to listen to Grand Scheem’s hit new single “Desperica” – read the article and check out or streaming audio link.

Grand Scheem –

      1. The Greatest Scheem Ever Sold

Grand Scheem –
      2. Blowin Up In America

Enjoy the article and stay tuned to dubcnn as we will be keeping you up to date on Grand Scheem’s new material and news throughout the coming year.

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