VIDEO: OG Cuicide Toy Drive (RBX, BIG2daBOY, Clinton Wayne, Epademik)


In late December 2014, OG CUICIDE threw his annual Toy Drive for kids, and DubCNN was in the building to bring you the proceedings! It went down at NAPSAC APPAREL, in Southern California, with live performances and interviews from BIG2daBOY, Clinton Wayne, Epademik and RBX!

See exclusive drops from well known cigar wrap company, ROYAL BLUNTS, as well as an interview from OG CUICIDE himself, where he speaks about suicide awareness, giving back to the youth, his new projects, and more!

DubCNN’s own West Haven Blast & Ghetto Flame covered the event – check it out below or above and drop a comment/share the page!

OG Cuicide Toy Drive with RBX, BIG2daBOY, Clinton Wayne, Epademik (Interviews) Dec 2014 – Video