On The Come Up: Sole2Dotz Drops “Go Fish” Video


From Illinois to Minneapolis Sole2Dotz is focused on sharing his music with the world. In addition to paying his dues behind the mic he has also worked as a substitute teacher. Respect Due. The artist who also goes by Sole, dropped into Microphone Masters Radio Show last week to talk about his new offering, “Maverick: Memoirs of a Loner.”

The project was recorded over a year and a half span in both states;

“I started writing it while living in Illinois. I actually wrote Cultivated1 and Under the Rug while still in Illinois. I moved to Minnesota about a year ago and was going through some life changes and things like that and ended up finishing the EP there.”

When J-Luv asked what the overall message or theme of the project was Sole had this to say,

“…I really wanted the project to captivate and draw pictures of what I was kind of going through in my mind…Each song kind of conveys that. I tried to make sure that it fit the theme while still being its own separate entity of a track and still be a part of the collective.”

Being the guy from out of town can be problematic but since his move to the Twin Cities, Sole2Dotz has started to build good relationships and make headway in the scene.

“I had no idea Hip Hop was really so strong in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities in general. Pretty much any open mic and any creative atmosphere you can find that you can. A cypher where people are freestyling, real freestyles. It’s a real creative place. A real liberal place. Illinois is kind of conservative and more on the street side. Minneapolis is just more liberal and open. You are able to explore different ideologies and ways of thinking. Different people and different cultures. So in terms of artistic and creative I think that is a really good thing.”

Sole2Dotz goes on to share his songwriting process and balancing being confident about his art with humility. Check on the conversation on this episode of Microphone Masters Radio Show Episode 94 and watch his new visual below!

Sole.. – Go Fish (Video)

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