Mike Murray is one of the newest voices to arise from the streets of Compton. His vocal ability and street swag has got DubCNN and the streets on alert in anticipation of his upcoming debut offering, “The Walk On.”

If you wondered who was backing Mike Murray for success it’s none other than Battlecat who first saw the raw talent and lyrical ability of Mike Murray and got involved with the project, giving him the stamp of approval only a seasoned vet in the business can give, BC told DubCNN;

“I like his vibe. Mike’s lyrics reflect what’s going on in neighborhoods across the country. He doesn’t focus only on Compton but he address issues that affect people living in communities just like his. Street life isn’t confined to Compton. He hits on subjects that everyone can identify with, and he does it with a cool delivery that’s unlike anybody else out right now.”

Mike seeks to use his music to speak of his reality; transporting listeners into his world, he told DubCNN;

“It’s time for West Coast rap to return to dominance. The MC’s that preceded me laid the blueprint for artists like myself to always bring a new sound and brashness to music. West Coast rap, Gangsta rap whatever you want to call it is nothing but street. We have to give it to you straight or it’s not right. We can’t offer up syrupy washed down versions of rap music. That’s not our style. I’m here to take us back to that raw street sound and an iconic producer like Battlecat made me step my game up and push my lyrical skills to a new level.”

Today – having recently featured in our Big Tray Deee video interview alongside BattlecatMike Murray has given DubCNN his first single “How We Play” produced by none other than his mentor BC Powda!

The single will be available on iTunes from July 1, 2015, and will come with a free download of his new mixtape “Eye of The Storm 2,” but DubCNN can let you listen below now to the single!

Mike Murray – How We Play (Produced by Battlecat) (Audio)


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