When your musical resume includes being the creator of a new sound in Hip Hop such as the G-Funk Era one would think that you would be ranked among the great producers in the game.

Working with the likes of Dr. Dre, 2Pac and N.W.A. should fill out any musical resume. He is often mentioned as the creator or at the very least the co-creator of the sound that served as the musical engine for the classic The Chronic album by Dr. Dre. Well, Cold 187um aka Big Hutch is that man and in the opinions of many has caught the raw end of the deal. J-Luv recently connected with the West Coast legend and instead of being bitter or slighted at being omitted from the Best Producer lists he was very positive.

“If I created something that the world thought was so genius and wonderful then hey, I did something great for the world. I gave somebody an idea that was a great idea that moved everybody. That’s the part about being a creative person and an artist. I feel honored to be able to do that. The discrepancy only comes in Hip Hop where the popular guy gets all the credit and people fail to research actually where the origin of a particular sound comes from…we all were making records together. And we all influenced each other. A little bit of things I do was like Dre and a little bit of things that he do is like me.”

Cold 187um is the founding member of Above the Law. They were labelmates with N.W.A. and D.O.C. among others under the Ruthless Records umbrella helmed by Eazy-E. The group released multiple albums together including Black Mafia Life which in the eyes of many including 187um is the project that birthed the G-Funk sound. It included tracks like Never Missin’ a Beat, the headnodding V.S.O.P. and a posse cut with Money B & 2Pac. J asked Big Hutch about what made Above the Law different from N.W.A. and the birth of the G-Funk Era.

“We wanted to be an iconic group. As far as the sound we wanted to make a sound that was totally ours. We wanted to straight go left. We were already doing things a little bit different because of the way we talked about things but we were still kinda in the same vein as an N.W.A. but just a little funky. And we just went all the way over the deep end with the funk when Black Mafia Life came. We put that with Gangsta Rap and that was the birth of G-Funk. That record was recorded at the same time as Effilzagin (the N.W.A. sophomore album) so that was us separating ourselves from the pack and doing something really different.”

Check out the entire conversation in Episode 99 of Microphone Masters Radio Show as Big Hutch talks about his part of the Kokane project, Funk Upon A Rhyme and how that was a perfect execution of the G-Funk Era. Are Cold 187um and Above the Law mentioned in the upcoming Straight Outta Compton movie? Does he have a movie of his own in the works? That and much more is discussed.

Cold 187um aka Big Hutch on Microphone Masters Radio Episode 99 (06-24-15) Show (Stream/Download)

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