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DubCNN Exclusive Interview: BWA Kane


Recently, DubCNN sat down with one of the rising stars in the South…BWA KANE.

With Heavy affiliation with hip-hop star KEVIN GATES, and with numerous collaborations with stars including Juvenile and Project Pat…BWA KANE is well on his way to making a firm entrenchment in this rap game.

In the interview, we talk about his new project, produced by super-producer ZAYTOVEN, go into his top 5 MC’s, as well as get insight into the making of BWA KANE’s, SOULJA SLIM dedication song. Read the interview in full, below. Only on DubCNN! Shout out to Dj Muddie Watuz.

Interview conducted in July 2015.

Questions asked by: West Haven Blast.

DubCNN: DubCNN checking in with heavy-hitter BWA KANE. What’s good fam?

KANE: Koolin koolin.

DubCNN: First of all, for heads that are sleeping, BWA KANE has been buzzing all over the country recently, and has collaborated with numerous heavyweights in the hip-hop game…including Kevin Gates, Project Pat, and many others. Can you give us some collaborations you have been involved with?

KANE: Of course…Kevin Gates, Boobie Black, Juvenile, Tana, Fresh, Project Pat, Lil St. Louis,…I fuck wit who fuck wit me.

DubCNN: Dope. Now last time we talked you mentioned that you were working on a project with super producer ZAYTOVEN. Is that project out? And if so, where can fans get it?

KANE: Not out, he coming real soon though. It’s called “Barely Famous”.

DubCNN: Tell us about BWA (Bread Winner’s Association) movement fam…

KANE: BWA is a family, a way of life….not just a brand. We love each other rich or poor.

DubCNN: No doubt. Can you tell West Coast fans a little about your hometown…and how it was for you growing up?

KANE: I grew up in north Alabama, Athens Huntsville. You know we get out and get it, but west coast is some of my favorite rap music so salute the west coast.

DubCNN: Through your eyes, how has West Coast hip-hop influenced the South fam?

KANE: Man all the way back to Mac Mall, rip Mac Dre, rip 2pac… I mean damn, E-40, Mack 10DJ Quik is my favorite producer and rapper… So much I could say. 100it.

DubCNN: Who does BWA KANE draw inspiration from, when he lays down music in the studio?

KANE: Kevin Gates.

DubCNN: Who are your Top 5 MC’s of all-time?

KANE: 2pac, Scarface, Kevin Gates, Nas, C-murder, rip Soulja Slim.

DubCNN: On a recent track of yours titled “Soulja Slim”, you pay homage to the late great MC…with references to Soulja Slim throughout the hook, and verses. What impact did Soulja Slim’s music have on you KANE?

KANE: Slim’s music was next after PAC so it was my life. Everything he talked about was me…feel me? I mean I was in New Orleans when they announced his passing on the radio. Loved Slim.

DubCNN: Dope. What new projects are you working on fam? Album, Mixtape, etc…

KANE: New tracks from Kevin Gates, Boobie…the ZAYTOVEN tape, “Bwa Blood Witta Attitude“, “The Red Print“…Gangsta shit but real life music.

DubCNN: Where can fans find you on social media fam?

KANE: IG @1kanebwa / twitter @artillerysouf / fb artillerysouthent Bwa.

DubCNN: No doubt KANE. The floor is yours…any last words?

KANE: Us, as in Bwa, we love all our fans. We appreciate each and everyone of you.. Thank you DubCNN as well .. #idgt #BWAorNOTHING

Download the Brick Squad Monopoly hosted mixtape, “Feed the Animals“, presented by West Haven Blast, BWA Kane, Apparel Zoo, and Dj Deceptacon here!
The mixtape contains tracks from artists such as Mitchy Slick, Tash, Big Prodege (South Central Cartel), Jackie Wade, Hazerd, Sy Ari da Kid, West Haven, BWA Kane, Tam Tam, Kokane, Project Pat, Trae the Truth, and many more.

Download the “Blood with the Mudd” mixtape by BWA Kane here!

Check out a new joint from BWA Kane below. Produced by @Zaytovenbeatz

Check out one of BWA Kane’s recent videos below.

BWA Kane – I Ain’t Diddy (Video)

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