Home Audio BG Knocc Out “Nutty By Nature” (Album Preview)

BG Knocc Out “Nutty By Nature” (Album Preview)


The original Baby Gangsta recently dropped a real solid album. Knocc doesn’t have many features on this album and it´s nice to hear him ride the tracks by himself.

Kurupt from the Doggpound is one of the few guests featured on the album, showing that the coast is definitely united; on the track titled “West Side” they solidify the comradery over a hardcore beat which also contains a Tupac sample, other standout features include Young Buck from G-Unit and Young Shame from The Young Hoggs2Much Muzic produced the track “Too Gangsta” while West Side was produced by Faided On The Beat.

BG Knocc Out – Nutty By Nature

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