8 weeks ago we confirmed that the long-awaited new album from Paris was complete, and was close to release, and now it’s out!

It was 2008 when we hosted the “DubCNN special report” from Paris where he discussed Barack Obama, America, the financial crisis, the election, the illuminati, and secret societies, also mentioning his song Bush Killa and more.

The new project, “Pistol Politics,” sees a return to form for arguably one of the most politically outspoken artists in hip hop history, and covers a wide range of topics. The new album courts controversy but through honesty and brutal evidence of society’s failures. No topic is left alone – police brutality, black on black violence, racism, endless wars and economic oppression – you know Paris speaks the real deal.

The album is out now via iTunes and to buy on CD and features E-40, Kam, Tha Eastsidaz, Dead Prez, Chuck D, George Clinton, T-K.A.S.H., Xien How, DJ True Justice and more. We can bring you the full tracklist below as well as the title track from the album to listen to, check below and support this project!

Paris – Pistol Politics (Audio)

Paris – Pistol Politics (Tracklist)

Lethal Warning Shot
Bring that Slap Back
Truce Music (feat. K.E.V., T-K.A.S.H., Mellinium and B3Hree)
Buck, Buck, Pass
Pistol Politics (feat. Sandy Griffith)
Robert’s Theme
Night of the Long Knives
Hard Truth Soldier (Redux)
Hold the Line
Call Signs (feat. XienHow)
Brown Eyes (feat. Claytoven Richardson)
Raid (feat. T-K.A.S.H. and The Conscious Daughters)
Turning Point
Give the Summer Drums (feat. T-K.A.S.H.)
Change We Can Believe In (feat. Sandy Griffith)
Murder Suit
Side Effect (feat. T-K.A.S.H.)
Muggin’ Ain’t Thuggin’ (feat. Tha Eastsidaz)
Martial Law (Redux) (feat. dead prez and KAM)
The Greatest
Search Warrant (feat. E-40, WC, Tha Eastsidaz and KAM)
Pop’s Groove
The War Dance
Keep Pushin’
Up You Mighty Race

Follow the homie @paris_gfr on Twitter now and support by buying via iTunes or on CD!

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