Monstar Musix – Bout Sh!t feat. Prolix Moran WeBeDigi & Chris Rose


Hailing from the central coast of California by way of Santa Maria, the artist and musically abnormality known as Monstar Musix releases the first official cut off his up & coming project Frankenstein entitled “Bout Sh!t”. The record features some of the areas most notable rhyme sayers with guest verses from Ziplock Music’s Prolix Moran & We Be Digi, as well as Chris Rose. Standing clear from the frauds and fakes, and only associating with the authentic, Monstar and his legion of doom wreak havoc on the track with heavy statements for all the hometown haters listening and taking note. In addition, the hip-hop horror show known as Monstar includes an official video titled “Safety Off”, projecting the looming creation still on the operating table, waiting to be unleashed on society & haunt the streets with a monstrous sound fitting for his dark moniker.

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