Larry June – Good Job Larry


Now normally I’m not this behind on notable knocking projects like Larry June’s Sept. 2015 release #GoodJobLarry, so in part I feel like I owe the hard working man an apology for my tardy acknowledgment, but more importantly, owe his work a thorough description of his uniquely different sound for all those still unfamiliar with the master manipulator. Amongst the eleven tracks are hits like “Max Pain”, “Larry Kilo” and “Goin’ Thru Some Sh!t”, highlighting his innovative adlibs, taste for heavy based productions, and an uncanny ability to address himself in third person without being completely arrogant.

Embodying all the aspects tied to The Bay such as being the turf known for its savvy slang, men of multiple hustles & having a pimp’s approach to the females, Larry June is as calculated as his cash counting machine in all these areas. Smarter than you may perceive him to be (or even give him credit for), more influential than you imagined or expected, and connecting with fans through his sense of humor, endorsing healthy eating habits & having an ambitious grind, June is an unsung hero that needs no song to be sung because he’s already singing his own. I’d tell you good job Larry, but I’m sure you’re already aware of your own efforts. Peep his latest work with prime producer Sledgren here entitled Sock It To Me, a tape themed after one of Larry June’s many coined phrases & trademark sayings.

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