Microphone Masters Radio Episode 134 welcomes back James Renwick for a fun conversation about Trump, Hillary, Bernie and Hulk Hogan’s $115 Million award.

Everyone likes to have choices but what if the choices you have are all extremely flawed? When you walk into the voting booth in November how difficult will that decision be for you? For some the decision is already made and for others there is more research to be done. So Starr Saxxxon and James Renwick provide some comical insight into the final 4 candidates.

Public Enemy told us to fight the power and we adorned our necks with African medallions. The Dixie Chicks railed against a president. The Beatles sang about a revolution and needing love to make a change. Music has always been in the mix of social activism. The fellas talk the role that music should or should not play in affecting change.

Don’t miss the Last Words segment this week as subjects range from Hulk Hogan being awarded millions to those uncomfortable moments when you watch a sexually suggestive movie on accident with your parent.

Check out heat from: Mazhe, Dead Prez, Planet Asia, Mr. Lif, Roqy Tyraid, Prodigy, Dee-1 and more.

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Microphone Masters Radio Episode 134 (03-23-16) Tracklist

Mazhe – Letters
Dead Prez – It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop
Chris Green – The Hard Choice
Segment 1: How Flawed Are the Remaining Candidates for President?
Dee-1 – Sallie Mae Back
Kanye West – Facts
Prodigy feat Jay Electronica – Call of Duty
Mr. Lif feat Del tha Funky Homosapien – World Renoun
Roqy Tyraid – Over the Horizon
Segment 2: Music and the role it plays in social activism
Planet Asia – Gold Vases
Organized Konfusion – Stress
Blue Scholars – Ordinary Guy
Smut Peddlers – Josie
Outro: Last Words
Snoop Dogg – It Blows My Mind
J. Cole – Apparently

Microphone Masters Radio Episode 134 (03-23-16) Show (Stream/Download)

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