The Game vs. Meek Mill Beef Heats Up


Compton hip-hop superstar The Game has recently become engaged in a beef with Philly rapper Meek Mill. After a much-debated delay in firing back on Drake last year, when the two were engaged in a well-documented high-profile hip-hop beef, Meek Mill has decided to go on the offensive almost immediately after being shredded to pieces on The Game’s initial diss track titled ’92 Bars. The Game then promptly went back in on Meek with a brand new diss track titled Pest Control. The beef seems to ensue from Game accusing Meek Mill of informing authorities that members of Game’s crew had assaulted Sean Kingston and stolen his chain at a Los Angeles nightclub earlier this summer. The Game is a lyrically elite emcee who is well-known for hurting rappers feelings; and potentially ending their careers. Hopefully, this beef can stay in the booth. Can The Game even be challenged in this beef? Is Meek Mill in over his head? You decide. Check the two new diss tracks from The Game below, as well as the response. Only on DubCNN.

Diss Track #1 The Game – ’92 Bars’

Click to Check the response. Diss Track #2 Meek Mill – Ooooouuuu

Diss Track #3 The Game – Pest Control

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