Da Bully -” Free Da Real” (Freestyle Video)


Compton, Ca. hip-hop artist, Da Bully, has just released a dope new freestyle video, titled “Free Da Real”. The freestlye track, which is a re-make of Kodak Black‘s “Tunnel Vision”, delves into the politics and the lifestyle of our country, and how the 13th Amendment is still holding people down. Check the video below; dirrcted by Cee Rider. Only on DubCNN.



Born and raised in Compton, CA, Da Bully is an up and coming rapper that came from the struggle and has been working hard to build a name for himself and tell his story through music. He was raised in the low-income apartments on the Westside of Compton called the New Wilmington Arms and inspired by local well-known artists that put Compton on the map through controversial and often aggressive lyrics. He started rapping after his mom was killed in a car accident by the police that left him an orphan. Music was his only outlet and it helped him to express his pain through artistry. By the time he was 11, he had seen so much tragedy in his life that he put a pen to the paper and began writing. Over 10 years later he has created a local buzz for himself and even started partnering with other Compton natives such as AD and Hitta J3 and South Centra Los Angeles artist G Perico.

Da Bully released a mixtape called “I Am Da Bully” in 2013, but unfortunately shortly after the release he fell victim to karma from his past and was sentenced to 5 years in prison. He is back and better than ever and just dropped his new single and video for “Same Ole Nigga” seen Here.

Da Bully is motivated to tell his story and teach the youth about the streets and send the positive message that you can make something of yourself and get out without turning to violence. Losing people he loves that were close to him through gun violence and life in prison has been a key motivating factor that drives him. These messages and more can be found in the freestyle “Shine” https://soundcloud.com/da_bully/shinefreestyle as well as his latest single “Same Ole Nigga” https://soundcloud.com/da_bully/same-ole-nigga. Da Bully has a new mixtape on the way called “Street Smarts” and he purposely selected that title because he knows that the young people are out here listening and watching and he wants them to see that someone who has been an orphan since he was 11 can still make it of the hood in this cold world. He is the first artist from Bully Boy Entertainment and also has a clothing line called Bully Boy the movement. With goals to make it on XXL’s coveted Freshman Class list in the near future and his efforts to continue partnering with well-known Compton and Los Angeles artists who are following the same path, it is clear that he has a bright future.

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