Mid-West talent Halo Ceasar is back on the pages of DubCNN with the release of his latest project “P.I.M.P”. We first introduced him to you when he was out living in Las Vegas, Nevada as part of the rising scene in that area. These days Halo is out in the South collaborating with different artists and producers out there. Halo uses a style that combines West Coast, Mid-West, and Southern as he breaks down the “P.I.M.P” code and life. This isn’t the average and normal pimp-rap that you’re used to: the slick talk over funk beats. While there is nothing wrong with that, Halo Ceasar brings the “pimpin” over beats that the new generation can bump and listen to. Stream it below!

SoundClound Stream: https://soundcloud.com/halo-ceasar/pimp-full-mixtape



1  Iceberg Slim Pimp Skit 0:29
2 25/8 2:55
3 Bags On Me 3:08
4 Can You 3:34
5 NYC Pimp Mr.Fly (Skit) 0:39
6 No Smoke 2:30
7 Boss Shit 2:21
8 Watch Me  3:53
9 High Priest Minister Seamore (Skit) 0:30
10 Squad 3:57
11 Pimp International 2:51
12 Money Baby 3:42
13 P.I Virgil (Skit) 0:15
14 Love 4 Th3 Mafia 2:42
15 Forget Ft. ScottyJ 3:45
16 Black Rose 3:13
17 Bishop Don Magic Juan/Jerry Springer (Skit) 0:35