J-Luv and Starr Saxxxon are joined this episode by Twan Mack and Masta Ace.

Milwaukee veteran emcee Twan talks about the diverse Hip Hop scene in his city and what keeps him motivated to create music, while Hip Hop legend Masta Ace returns to DubCNN to talk sports!

Masta Ace is known as huge sports fan and more importantly a Philadelphia Eagles supporter. J asks him how he felt after his team earned their 1st Lombardi trophy. Ace shares his thoughts on the NFL boycotts, NBA free agency, his new project that is in the mixing stages and other projects that he is working on.

Shout out to PhDBeats for the soundbed (beats) used during the conversations. You can find him on Instagram at @phdbeats.

Check out tracks from Apollo Brown, Locksmith, Twan Mack, Brother Ali, Ciphurphace, Trehype and more.

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Microphone Masters Radio Episode 189 (07-28-18) Tracklist

Apollo Brown & Locksmith – Between the Raindrops
phREshologists – Reach Out

Twan Mack Convo part 1
Twan Mack feat IshDarr – Can’t Quit
TreHype – That Boy

Twan Mack Conversation part 2
Twan Mack – BiPolar
Kahali – Lou Fa’Negro
Judgement – Envasion of the Eye Snatchers

Masta Ace Conversation Part 1
Masta Ace – Mr. Bus Driver
Masta Ace – Style Wars
Jeezy – God

Masta Ace Conversation Part 2
Masta Ace – Me & AG
eMc – EMC (What it Stand For?)

Last Words
Brother Ali – Can’t Take that Away

Microphone Masters Radio Episode 189 (07-28-18) Show (Stream/Download)

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