Myka 9 of Freestyle Fellowship Releases “Smyle” Video


Renowned Los Angeles, California hip-hop artist, Myka 9, returns with a brand new visual for his new single, “Smyle.” The video for the uplifting soundscape features cameos from the HieroglyhpicsTajai and A-Plus, 2Mex, Ellay Khule and more. Song is produced by Freematik, and is off of the upcoming Teleported 2 project.

“Smyle” is the first in a series of single releases from the sequel album to “Teleported” from hip-hop pioneer Myka 9 and producer Freematik. It’s a celebration of the amazing good vibes of west coast hip-hop culture. The infectious rhythm of the track is complemented by Myka 9’s classic melodic flows.

Most of the video was filmed at the B-Boy Summit in Los Angeles, which is an outdoor music and dance festival in L.A., and is held once a year with an over 20 year history of hip-hop culture, fashion, and music. Myka 9 is a fixture here and has been in the L.A. hip-hop scene from the early days, so catching him connecting with his people at an event that’s dedicated to the culture is perfect.

“Teleported 2” is being released sequentially one song at a time, if you buy the album now, you will have access to all the tracks that are added later.

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