J-Luv and Starr Saxxxon are on top form this week for Episode 226!

Have you ever slept on an album only to embrace it at some point? J bares his soul and confesses about missing out on a couple of classic offerings.

The ongoing saga known as Antonio Brown adds another chapter. J-Luv and Saxxx talk about what they would love to do if all things fear were stripped away.

Listen to tracks from Stallone & Weathers, Redman, Tek (of Smif N Wessun), The Beatnuts, Czarface and more.

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Microphone Masters Radio Episode 226 (01-24-20) Tracklist

Brother Ali – House Keys
Redman – Slap Da Sh*t Outhca
What artists or groups did you sleep on before becoming a fan?
The Beatnuts – Superbad
Skyzoo – Sound Like…
Stallone & Weathers – The First Line

The next chapter in the Antonio Brown Saga
Griselda feat 50 Cent – City on the Map
Tek feat Nas – Brooklyn Shootouts
Big Boi – General Patton
Black Moon – Headz Ain’t Redee

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
LL Cool J – Jingling Baby
Czarface – Double Dragon
Abstract Rude – Hip Hop Ryde

Microphone Masters Radio Episode 226 (01-24-20) Show (Stream/Download)

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