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Brittney Be Unveils “The 8 Count” Dance Mixtape Project


Brittney Benson presents “THE 8 COUNT” Dance Mixtape. A collection of 8 concept dance videos, choreographed and directed by Brittney Benson.

Rappers and singers recording their own songs over industry artists music and beats has been the norm for mixtapes for quite some time now. In its heyday, mixtapes were and even today are a prerequisite for artists looking to showcase their talent and raise brand awareness in an economical and creative fashion.

Brittney Be brings a new twist to the mixtape genre. Instead of rapping and/or singing over another artists music, she dancers over their music. We are not talking about just setting a phone or camera in front of yourself and dancing. Brittney Be comes up with treatments, choreography and concepts, giving the videos a cinematic music video look. Filmed and edited by BZFilmz.com

The dance mixtape consists of 8 videos. Brittney Be will be World Premiering a new video from “THE 8 COUNT” dance mixtape every Saturday for 2 months, which started on her birthday, June 27th 2020. Check the most recent video from the dope new dance mixtape below, featuring music from Tory Lanez, and stay tuned!

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