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Mu Dills – “Do It Alone”


The ghetto is littered with dreams deferred. The hopes of many, lay discarded on the concrete like old news­papers and empty soda cans. Each wishing for a reality greater than the ones they’ve been given. And the urge to dream is stifled by every day struggle to survive.

Like many, Mahmud “Mu Dills” Abdullah was one of those people. Faced with immeasurable challenges, the Newark, New Jersey-born rapper willed himself over the hurdles and managed to relentlessly pursue his dreams, despite the odds that were stacked against him. After losing his mother at the age of 10, Mu was raised by his Father and paternal Grandmother, both who he attributes his faith and the life lessons that have carried him through some of his toughest moments. Yet before her passing, his Mother planted a seed for the love of music, which would later birth a passion that would catapult him into the artist he is today. Catch Mu Dills latest release below.

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