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Andrew Thomas – “Liquor Talkin” (Official Video)


On the rise, Minneapolis recording artist Andrew Thomas releases his most ambitious and creative visual to date in the new hit, “Liquor Talkin.” Released on Pandasonic Records, the thought-provoking visual takes us into the mind of a hopeless romantic trying to find true love at the end of a bottle. Thomas’ first release in a long time, the song delivers an in-depth look into the artist behind the music.


“The feeling after you’ve been drinking and you start talking really lose and then you regret it later,” he reveals in a press release. “I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there. Whether it’s to an ex or a friend or crush it is crazy how alcohol is almost like a truth serum.”

The visual stars Andrew Thomas as a roaming patron, on the prowl, mingling with every woman, in search of the one who will allow him to show them tender love and care at night’s end. While he searches for his love interest, things in the bar quickly become interesting and leave you wondering the difference between reality and illusion. The intoxicated Thomas doesn’t suspect a thing and pours his heart out to anyone who will listen, blaming it on the alcohol. Sharp dressed, smooth vocals and catchy hook, fans can’t get enough of “Liquor Talkin.”

Thomas on the visual’s conception:

“Literally the original idea was just to be in a bar but since covid happened, MN had capacity limits so we decided to get mannequins and once I got the mannequins MN decided to lift the capacity limits so I thought it would be cool if the mannequins turned into real people. So basically just doing what I could given the dynamic situation.”

Since its release, “Liquor Talkin” has accumulated over 2 million views on YouTube and heavy rotation on MTV. Making Thomas an overnight sensation for his official debut with the promise of more new music to come by year’s end. For more Andrew Thomas, follow him on Instagram.

Join the fandom, take a look at “Liquor Talkin” below.

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