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TMF Precha Releases Exciting New Song “Let Go”


Rising recording artist TMF Precha shares a motivational new track, titled “Let Go,” out now, via Now Entertainment. Released at a time when America needs it most as we exit a global pandemic, TMF Precha ascends from his buzzing collaborations with Xpression The MC and Kryptic Reign Music into his own entity and speaks on letting go of the stress and seeing the brighter side to life. Precha’s encouraging style is thought-provoking, realistic and, like we said before, much-needed.

“Gotta learn to let go / Can’t the stress take hold / It’s has a domino effect / And before you know, you spinning outta control / Even though you high, you at an all-time low…,” he raps.

And with “Let Go,” the song is Precha’s opportunity to keep it all in the family by working with his nephew MAD Zero. He explained:

“My nephew Austin aka MAD Zero has been doing music for a while now since he was a preteen. He’s dope on the guitar and drums. I’ve been trying to get him to record since he was around 14 or so and he finally decided to jump on something I was working on. I knew he was the right person for the hook; his vibe definitely fit the concept of the song. I’ll be honest, he surprised me with this one, I knew he had skills with various instruments but I didn’t know he could rap/sing like he did on the song. It’s a very catchy hook most people are complimenting the chorus and saying it’s the main part that made them add the song to their playlists so shout out to the nephew! I’ve been a fan of Catalyst for a long time since the team backpack days. He did his thing on the song as well for sure! As far as the concept goes, you know, I wanted to make a fully clean song for my mom Judy Fountian. She’s doesn’t like the cursing in my previous songs.”

The song was just as motivational for TMF Precha as it was for his fans. Mental Health issues and suicide is at an all-time high in America. Addressing the matter is important.

He continued: “Outside of that aspect the track is pretty much about being at a low place in life, knowing there’s more, and making the decision to work towards achieving your goals. More or less the point is to bring you out of that funk you might be in. It’s about addressing your issues whatever they may be and the pursuit of happiness.”

“Let Go” follows his previous release “G.I.T.” and prepares fans for a forthcoming project, slated for a late 2022 release. In the meantime, check out TMF Precha entire catalog, available now on all digital streaming platforms.

Stream TMF Precha’s new single above and below, and afterward, feel free to follow the rising star on social media.

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