Snoop Dogg Confirms Deal With Sanctiond Automotive

Today Snoop Dogg has announced he is joining Mister Cartoon as a business partner and ambassador of the premium auto care products brand Sanctiond™ Automotive.

The line of premium auto care products will release an exclusive line of Sanctiond™ by Snoop Dogg next year that will include car wash, waxes, polish spray detailers and more. Snoop is working closely with the Sanctiond™ team of specialists to hand-craft the formula down to the smell, color, ingredients and branding – the line will launch initially as a limited edition.

Check out the two partners at the SEMA Auto Show in the video below and for more information on Sanctiond™, please visit:


Snoop Dogg, Mister Cartoon and Sanctiond at SEMA (Video)


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