DUBB: The Light In The Dark (Documentary Video)


Fresh off releasing his latest project “Perfect Timing” hosted by DJ Skee & DJ Whoo Kid on DubCNN earlier this week, L.A.’s own DUBB looks to reach the next level in the Hip-Hop psyche.

Hailing from the Athens Park section of South Central, a neighborhood notorious for all of the ills often glorified in music and cinema, DUBB opts lace his musical palette with messages of hope and prosperity. Having passed through some of the most high profile platforms Hip-Hop culture has to offer, while also working with some of the industry’s biggest names, DUBB’s star is only rising.

The Rapfest paid a visit to DUBB in his home turf for the first installment of their documentary series, Archives. With gang affiliations playing such an integral role in the lives of South Central’s youth, DUBB sees beyond the bloodshed, using his music as the light in the dark.