Diirty OG’s – “The Hang Out” (Video Teaser)

The Diirty OGz have just released the video trailer for their upcoming video titled The Hangout. The song is a certified banger; with each emcee delivering potent verses over a West Coast style beat. Judging by the teaser, the video should be just as active! Check the video below, as we witness history being made! Only on DubCNN.
The most anticipated Gansta Rap group since NWA are back with a new single “DOGz” ft Kokane, off there up coming project,
“We Got Now And Next” soon to be released 10/28/2016 via RBC RECORDS, and also will be pre-released in-advance on JPAY on 10/21/2016, for those that are incarcerated. Pre-Order the Diirty OGz NEW HOT single “DOGz” ft Kokane RIGHT HERE.
Kurupt (DPG), Big Tray Deee (EASTSIDAZ), Tha Chill (CMW) , Big Weazel Loc (PCR) & Kokane (KOGF)on multiple tracks , are the perfect combination to bring back that Gansta rap sound to the forefront, with a legendary West coast stamp on it! FeaturingWC, King Tee, Compton AV, and more! The Diirty OGz Gansta Rap G-FUNK sound is definitely what the west has been missing for a while! Make sure yousubcribe to The Diirty OGz YouTube
Record release party info, soon to be released. Stay tuned for more details as we follow the Diirty OGz campaign. Keep it locked right here on DubCNN (#WESTCOAST).