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Gail Gotti Interview (July 2012)


Gail Gotti is not stranger to Hip Hop. From Death Row to Infamous/G-Unit to mother and entrepreneur she has done and is doing it all. Dubcnn.com hooked up with Gail a couple of weeks back as she was preparing to head to Phoenix, AZ to take part in a celebrity softball charity event. She shares where she is at musically and her coming re-introduction to Hip Hop and her business ventures. Is juggling music, business and family easy? No, and Gail says how she does it.

Take a few moments and allow Gail Gotti to Re-Introduce herself. Enjoy.


Interview conducted in May 2012.
Questions Asked By: Javon Adams
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Interview Audio

Dubcnn: It’s not too often that I get the chance to visit with a very successful but also beautiful conversation person…I’m talking to Gail Gotti. What’s going on with you? It’s a pleasure to meet you. How are you doing?

Gail Gotti: I’m blessed. How are you?

Dubcnn: I’m doing good, thank you. I’m doing good. I was looking forward to talking to you to learn a little bit more about you because in my research I see that not only can you get down on the mic but that you are an entrepreneur. So I wanted to talk about those things and maybe how it relates to Hip Hop on some level. But talk about…because I thin you are in Phoenix, AZ now for a charity event or something along those lines…

Gail Gotti: Actually I am currently packing to leave in the morning. So I will be there all weekend doing a charity/celebrity softball game for Larry Fitzgerald and his foundation. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Athletes will be out there like DeSean Jackson and Gary Payton will be out there. LT Hutton is going to be out there. There will be a lot of people that will be donating their time for a good cause and play softball.

I’m going to get out there and attempt to not break a nail. And we will see what happens. *laughs* I haven’t played sports in many years so this should be pretty interesting. But it is going to be fun and it is all for a good cause.

Dubcnn: So how does an opportunity like this to be a part of an event for a good cause like this come about? How did it come across your table?

Gail Gotti: You know what, it was brought to me by Danielle Frost who runs Frost Child Productions. She does a lot of events like this every year for different athletes and she brought it to me and I thought it was a wonderful opportunity to give back. And I’m all in support of the Boys and Girls Club. I have children myself so I just thought it would be a wonderful opportunity.

Dubcnn: Ok. So, speaking of opportunities…talk about some of the things you have going on. I want to talk about music in a second but you seem to be…right now you have the Dollhouse boutique and the two locations. Are you still part of that? Tell me a little about your entrepreneurial endeavors.

Gail Gotti: Yeah, the Dollhouse I started with my best friend who is like my sister, Sabrina Hutton. She is LT Hutton’s wife. We started the Dollhouse a couple of years ago and it is just a pretty much a boutique. We have one in L.A. and in Dallas that is run by one of our other good friends, Chante Odom. We just keep goodies in there and I travel around the world all of the time so I bring back a lot of very unique pieces that are one of a kind that a lot of people will buy and never see anybody else wear. I am kind of into that because I hate buying something and seeing a million girls in it. I’ll never wear it again.

So I like to go around the world as I travel for business and just pick up little pieces that people can buy and they can feel special knowing that they are the only one who would have that in the United States.

Dubcnn: I like that. So…

Gail Gotti: That’s one of my business interests, which is the Dollhouse. That’s pretty much like my baby.

Dubcnn: One of the things on your Twitter, that describes you as a recording artist, a model, an entrepreneur and obviously the owner of Dollface Cosmetics and Dollhouse in L.A. and the Dallas boutiques. So talk about…as you are travelling the world…when do you know when a business opportunity is good for you? When do you know that it is something that is worthy of your time and obviously money invested as well?

Gail Gotti: I know something is right for me when it is something that I would wear or do myself. I’m not really the type of person that would invest my time or my money that I don’t believe in just to make a quick dollar. When I see it and I say, ‘That’s me written all over it.’ That’s pretty much when I know that something is a go.

Dubcnn: Ok. I want to talk about what you are doing musically right now and where Hip Hop kind of fits into your busy lifestyle. Mom, entrepreneur…talk about what you have going on musically and how you balance that in your level of Hip Hop.

Gail Gotti: You know what, it’s really hard to balance it to be perfectly honest with you. Raising children…I have one son of my own and I also raise my nephew, Eric and Kurupt has children so between all of the kids and both of our careers and everything that is going on it is extremely hard. A lot of times, it’s like my days start at 5 or 6 o’clock in the morning. So while everybody else is probably just getting out of the studio or still sleeping from being in the studio, I am up doing wake ups and school drop-offs and stuff like that.

It’s really hard and it’s demanding to kind of pull both of them off but at the end of the day somehow it works. I don’t really know how it does but it does.

Dubcnn: Ok. So for folks that want to stay in touch with what’s going on…I was on your facebook fan page and I saw that there was a video that you were in recently with an artist by the name of Finesse if I’m not mistaken. So where can they hear new stuff from Gail Gotti as you have time to get in the studio? Tell people where they can find you and stay on top of all things Gail Gotti.

Gail Gotti: Well, you know what? Right now I haven’t released any new music because I have been doing a whole transformation as you can see with my look and my sound. Everything is a lot different than the last time people heard me (from my time with) Infamous/G-Unit or all of the memories that they have of me when my name is mentioned. I am so different from that person to now. So I am very careful and taking my time to do everything right and make sure that when things come out that it represents who I am now. I’m a lot older. I’m a lot more mature and I’ve seen a lot of different things. And I just want everything to represent me the right way.

So as right now there is no new music that has dropped. I have been in the studio with LT Hutton working like crazy. I’m about to link up with Tim and knock some stuff out and all of the pieces are now falling into place.

Dubcnn: Is that difficult? You mentioned kind of re-imaging or re-introduction to the masses so to speak. Is that difficult to shake perceptions that people may have of you? And as you mentioned, you are more mature and you grow up and are in a different place now then you were then. Is that difficult to shake that?

Gail Gotti: I don’t find it difficult because a lot of the people who are familiar with my music have also grown and matured. So I don’t find it too difficult for me. No, I don’t think so.

Dubcnn: Any last words for dubcnn? I think we are going to have to do a Part 2 to this because you are a busy woman but we are going to have to lock you down and have another conversation. So any last words for dubcnn?

Gail Gotti: I just want to thank Dubcnn and all of the fans and everybody that has been supportive at the beginning of time for me, many years ago dating back to Death Row (records). I just want to thank everybody for always being supportive and staying down with me even when I don’t have things dropping and I disappear and I’m going through things. I just really want to thank everybody for giving me that extra push to get back in there and get it done.

Dubcnn: Alright, sounds good. We are going to hook up with you next time.

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