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K-Young Interview (December 2012)


Who is K-Young? Is he a singer? Or perhaps a songwriter? The answer is All the Above. Dubcnn.com linked up with the multi-talented K-Young and talked about two new songs that he is pushing.

He also gives us a peek behind the curtain and shares how he shops songs to artists and how the contract helps him avoid falling prey to the music industry’s ongoing game of musical chairs.

K-Young is a driven, talented and humbled artist that you should take a few moments to know a little better. And if he has it his way then you will be seeing him grace a stage in your country, state, township or city in the near future. Enjoy.



Interview was done in November 2012.

Questions Asked By: Javon Adams

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Dubcnn: Dubcnn.com with K-Young, a very talented brother. How are you doing?

K-Young: I’m blessed and ain’t no way in the world that I’m complaining right now.


Dubcnn: I know one of the things that…in term of doing a little bit of research…not only are you an artist that can sing but you are a songwriter as well. I want to talk about songwriting in just a moment but you have a song that you have been pushing lately. How is that going as you try to raise awareness for the song that is out now?

K-Young: Well there are a few songs that I am pushing at the moment. I have had the opportunity to get this song called ‘Good Times’ and it’s on the radio right now. Felli Fel at Power 106 is playing and its been getting a lot of spins in the last two to three weeks. We are in the process of shooting the video and get things ready to go on that. And then I have another single called, ‘Something Different’ which is like the main single off of my new Free World project featuring Ya Boy. He is signed to Akon and is a great friend of mine who has always held me down for a long time. The females are really loving it right now and radio is just starting to pick it up. It’s only been out for 3 or 4 days so the potential is extremely strong and I see a bright future for it and we just need to support it.


Dubcnn: Ok. So when you talk about having multiple songs that are out right now that you really feel confident in talk about how you …what’s the process like when you are trying to pick one over the other that determines which gets pushed a little bit more if they both have potential?

K-Young: Well for me I feel like that is my hardest thing because I really record so many songs and just decide on which ones we are going to sell to other artists or which songs I might use for my album to sell my story or whichever project I’m pushing at the time…it’s always a battle just to make sure we are picking the right songs for the right time. But in this situation DJ Felli Fel picked this one. It’s a strong California summertime record. A dude on my crew sent it to Felli and he immediately just started playing it and showing it love off of that and he has continued to do that thus far. So it could continue to at least last for the rest of the Summer and every Summer, you know what I’m saying? Especially on the West Coast because it’s just one of those strong ones and of course I am honored to be a part of it.

As far as the next record, ‘Something Different’ it’s also something that I feel…it’s not just a summertime record but more of an all year round record. The clubs…when you want to roll up a fat ass blunt and crack your windows with the tints and just be with your bad b*tch. It’s definitely one of those…and it’s also a strong radio record worldwide as well. The potential is strong and we are just trying to get it to the world and have them feel the same way about it.


Dubcnn: OK. Now I want to talk about…because you alluded to it just a moment ago…being a songwriter and when you are creating something that you feel is really powerful and has a lot of potential once again but you are writing that song with someone else in mind or for another project. Is there ever that moment when you say to yourself that you are going to save this for myself or do you see the other doors that can open up if you continue on and pass that to whoever that artist may be?

K-Young: Absolutely. It’s definitely big writing songs for other people. The process with writing songs for other people…when I go in the booth I can close my eyes and put myself in a female’s shoes and put myself in my girl’s shoes and put myself in my sister’s shoes and my best homie’s shoes or even my own party mode. Whatever I’m on, you know what I’m sayin’? And just writing a song is a storytelling process and it’s a gift that I have been given. It’s not really just a fully thought out thing. I just have to do some research on whoever I’m working with and just get their point of view on what they want to talk about. Then it’s simple to get it done. That’s a God given gift.


Dubcnn: Now being a songwriter compared to being an artist and having to go out and grind to push your song so that the public can hear it and those things where as when you are a songwriter, and correct me if I’m wrong but getting in front of the artist to create and record that song to get them to put it on their project…then the label or the machine takes over from there. Is that how the process goes? Give a peak behind the curtain.

K-Young: Well being an artist and being a writer is a hustle. Just like there are a lot of multi successful artists out there that are trying to be number one there are a lot of number one or great writers and producers that are trying to become number one or even unheard of. They are still in the garage trying to get (their stuff out). So it is a process to make sure that your music is heard and that when you walk in there your music is at the right level and quality because there is a brand that we are bringing through the door. So it’s definitely not easy either way it goes.

But of course once you get it placed with the right artist…and even that is not promised because you get it placed with an artist and then they sign to Def Jam today and tomorrow they get dropped off of Def Jam. It’s all a crazy hustle and it is all really in God’s hands from my point of view. It’s nothing that I am controlling because I just write my music and do the best I can with everything I’m doing. I send it out and then basically whatever happens from there…as long as I put my hustle to it, happens.


Dubcnn: So just out of curiosity, let’s say for example that does happen (the artist getting signed and then being dropped) and you are working with an artist. Can you put stipulations in a contract that says if you don’t use this in two years…

K-Young: Hell yeah.


K-Young: Hell yeah. You could say that you have two months to use this record. You could say that if this is not a single then you can’t use it. There are definitely a lot of stipulations. Always. Contracts get the deal done. Whatever anyone agrees to then that is what’s on the paper. So of course it can be done. Absolutely.


Dubcnn: I like that. Speaking of be done, how can the people accomplish staying in contact with you? How can they reach you or follow you on social media? Any last words for Dubcnn.com?

K-Young: Man I want to say thank you to Dubcnn.com for showing me a whole lot of love. For years. Even before I was able to have this conversation with y’all and I really appreciate it. Stay in contact with me via Twittermy blog with all my updates and calendar is and I am definitely on Facebook and Myspace and YouTube and all that. I’m definitely trying to be everywhere. Hopefully the next time you see me will be on the stage in your country or your city. We are hitting the road. I have a tour going to Australia and Germany and Africa and Dubai. In addition to America and Canada. It’s really just a blessing and Los Angeles really opened these doors and let me hit these avenues.

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