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Big Hollis Launches MyOwnDistribution Platform


My Own Distribution was founded by Michael Goldstein and is operated by Walter Hollis aka “Big Hollis” (Director of Sales) along with Mathew Rodriquez (Director of Multimedia), all of whom have had many years of experience within the entertainment business industry. Hollis oversees the day-to-day operations of an independent record company while working with distributors, retail, radio, and video promoters. He has produced over 200 albums with sales over $5 million globally. Rodriguez is an expert in graphic design, video editing, and post production. His past clients have included Jamie Foxx, Denise Richards, and Flavor Flav.

“Hollis is a dope producer and he knows how to get the party started and he leads by example in the studio, I love working with Hollis,” says Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion.

My Own Distribution, also known as MOD, provides the opportunity for an artist’s music to be heard and sold to over 100 digital entertainment service providers. These retailers include iTunes, Amazon, Google Music and Rhapsody. Wireless carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, Cricket, and Sprint are also available as distribution mediums. MOD’s resume includes projects for Universal/NBC, Viacom (MTV, VH1, BET), WGN and A&E.

“I developed a company and panel that would go across the world giving every entrepreneur the opportunity to start and operate their own record company with My Own Distribution.” – Walter Hollis

Throughout their careers, Walter Hollis and Mathew Rodriquez have acquired a substantial amount of contacts who want to partner with and help My Own Distribution. These contacts include the multi-platinum publicity company, Jonathan Hay Publicity (Rihanna, The Kardashians, Nappy Roots, etc.), professional law firms SML-LLP (Warner Bros, ABC Television Network, Yahoo!, etc.), and Lord Bertram (Malik Taylor, Marcus St. Marcus, Kenchen, etc.), production studio Royal Interactive Studio (Interscope Records, Google, Ray Ban, etc.), as well as various other companies (Kush Boys, Serious Pimp, Phytiva, and Digidev.tv) who are all committed to helping artists become a music industry success.

“I’m really looking forward to the cross-country seminars, conferences and industry panels that we are doing later on this year,” says Michael Paoloni (aka Elle Raiser) of Jonathan Hay Publicity.

My Own Distribution is dedicated to developing any artist into a successful brand. Becoming a member ensures that the artist will have their music distributed to the world, and it will guide them through the various steps pertinent to surviving in today’s music industry. This service is definitely for anyone who is serious about taking their music career to the next level and beyond.

“Big Hollis is one of the coldest producers in the game and he knows how to bring the best of out an artist.” – Young Noble (from Tupac Shakur’s group, The Outlawz)

Visit www.myowndistribution.com for all the details.

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