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Lil Eazy E Responds To Ice Cube Comments About His Absence From NWA Biopic


Earlier this week Ice Cube explained why Eazy E’s son was left out of N.W.A. Biopic, via AHH.

The news of the casting – which we announced last month – confirmed that despite Cube’s son playing him, Lil Eazy would not take the role of his father.

Now via his official facebook page, Lil E has responded with his feelings.

I have been asked by so many reporters for my thoughts on Ice Cube speaking on my unpolished acting, yet he has his son playing him and his son has never been in a major role. I am going to tell you exactly how I feel about this and my on questions to Cube and production.

First off, I feel a lot could not act to par in their 1st role or 1st time acting in a major movie, but the rawness worked for raw movies like Boys in the Hood AND this NWA movie should be the same …..and how I feel about acting the hospital scene and things of my father being in his death bed or beyond what the movie is based on which is NWA and NOT Eazy E’s STORY as the explanation of why I never got the role makes it sound out to be which couldnt be any farther from the truth, but you feel different about things that people do in this bizz…. so it is what is.

I respect Ice Cube to the utmost……BUT, I wonder why production would tell the young actor playing my father to stay away from me???? AND why wont production film in the original house where NWA started instead of another Compton house???? You would think that respect would be given to do so, but like I said, a lot of things are weird in this bizz on what is said and done …..BUT….THE ONE THING I AM BEST AT AND IS NOT AN ACT FOR ME IS TO STAY REAL AND BE STAYING TRUE TO MINE.


Drop your thoughts on this, and the casting, below.

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