After two dozen releases, spanning albums, EP’s, mixtapes and collaborative projects, MC Zumbi and producer Amp Live have officially decided to part ways.

For over 20 years, they have made music together, celebrating a juxtaposition of influences, with a shared message to preserve the art of music. Zion I has been embraced as an Oakland, California mainstay, known for advanced lyrical deliveries, otherworldly electronic beats, and a cohesive back-to-the-future musical package unlike any others in the space.

Zion I will continue to exist with Zumbi at the helm. Below is Zumbi’s statement, along with information on the final chapter of a free trilogy EP series.

“It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing that AmpLive is no longer rocking with the group Zion I. Amp will occasionally contribute production, but he is no longer the full time producer or tour DJ. When creating music with others, strong bonds are formed, so much so, that those I create with are considered family. Our parting of the ways is difficult, but from this point forward, I will focusing solely on Zion I; Amp Live on his solo career.

When one door closes, another opens. Zion I will continue on strong and I am really excited to share some upcoming projects: Today, I will release The Sun Moon and Stars EP. This project features a storytelling aesthetic centered around the conflict between the police and the community. This Spring, The Rapture: Live from Oaklandia, a live album featuring many of our classic jams from over the years will be released.

“Finally, I’ve founded Mind Over Matter, an independent label that will house all of Zion I’s new music, as well as emerging soul, hip hop and electronic based artists.

“I am excited to share this new chapter with all my fans-new and the ones who have been down from jump! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via social media. Maximum respect to all massive and crew..Peace!”

With the release of “The Sun Moon and Stars” – which debuts via Mass Appeal and you can stream below – Zion I completes their three EP journey. The project captures the growing climate of unrest in the wake of fallen minorities like Eric Garner and Mike Brown. Whether it’s the hard hitting pulse of the street anthem “Jugganaut” or the laid-back outro of “Last Nite,” The Sun Moon and Stars perfectly encapsulates what makes Zion I so exciting. While hip-hop continues to grow, Zion I represents the old sage who preserves the core of the culture and genre. On February 3rd, the final chapter of Zion I’s year-long journey will be released.

Stream “The Sun Moon and Stars” below

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