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Doja Cat feat. Tru Heru – “8th”


Without wait, Doja Cat and Tru Heru release another soundcloud single titled “8th”, giving their now joined fan base another digital dose of dopeness in case anyone felt themselves coming down from their last hit, “Lord Cooler”. Producing a triumphantly tuned canvas, beat maker HeemGod offers a canvas for these artists to paint & color with their panoramic perspectives on the planet, and their place in it. Blending and building together so naturally, word is circulating on a potential joint EP between these two, which would only bring clarity to potential already seen in their first two collabs.

If Tru as Heru himself, expect them to have their unified style down to a science & their creative chemistry patented, setting us up for a potential shift in sound; dividing the divine from the mere mortal and material experiences we accept as part of our everyday lives. Given the stars align, the planets continue their motion in orbit, and the gods grant us this rap request, anyone supporting this musical union understands the boundless possibilities that stem from it. That said, water the plant.

[Listen – Doja Cat ft. Tru Heru – 8th | https://soundcloud.com/doja-cat/8th-ft-tru-heru-prod-heemgod]

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