(Official Video) Gavlyn – “Black Cherry Koolaid”


For all those unfamiliar with Gavlyn, this female MC has been climbing the ladders and rhyme ranks through L.A.’s music scene for years now, and has established herself as an uniquely independent force in hip-hop as a whole. With her imprint Peach House (shared with partner & close friend Oh Blimey) in place, her project Make Up Before You Break Up scheduled to drop in November, Gavlyn releases the Sef-one & Lou Koo produced record, “Black Cherry Koolaid” as the leading single for her upcoming album. As an artist, Gavlyn draws inspiration from a wide array of sounds, everything from truly old school hip-hop to the funk infused tunes of the 70’s, making the eclectic MC a highly creative one to say the least. The record speaks to a personal dating experience she had, and one a lot of woman can relate to, thus encouraging and empowering them to strive and never settle when it comes to relationships. The video treatment was put together by her and Oh Blimey as well, only to emphasize her belief in their abilities to do it all.

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