Open Bar Radio 93.5 KDAY Interviews “THE D.O.C.”


Today we highlight one of the few remaining true hip-hop radio shows left in existence, Open Bar Radio. Powered by none other than the iconic hip-hop radio station 93.5 Kday, Open Bar Radio is rapidly evolving into THE staple in real hip-hop radio. While spinning the hottest joints out, conducting outstanding industry interviews, and spotlighting some of the dopest up-and-coming artists in the game, Open Bar Radio is refreshingly reminiscent of the hip-hop shows from the “golden age” of rap music. Hosted by legendary hip-hop artist Xzibit, and wingman Soren Baker, Open Bar Radio airs every Friday, and can be heard on terrestrial radio or via the internet.

Last week, Xzibit interviewed the one and only D.O.C. fresh off the heels of the hugely successful NWA movie, and on precipice of his return to the microphone and performance at the Kday “How The West Was Won” concert on October 10th, 2015. Check the video of the aired interview and drop a comment. Only on DubCNN. Shout out to Vidal Marsh.

Open Bar Radio Interviews THE D.O.C. 10/2/2015 7-9 p.m. via 93.5 KDAY. Listen to OPEN BAR RADIO live on KDAY with XZIBIT and SOREN BAKER every Friday 7-9 p.m. PST.

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Open Bar Radio 93.5 KDAY Interviews “THE D.O.C.” (Video)

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