Kokane Presents: G-Funk Documentary pt. 1


Today we bring you the first part of the documentary by The Legendary Kokane, that will correspond with his upcoming album titled the “King of G-Funk“.

In this documentary, Kokane takes us on a short journey to educate his fans and others on his deep roots in the music industry, G-Funk origins and thoughts on the NWA movie. He also gives us a glimpse of what to expect on the new album, which will include features from the likes of Mr. Short Khop, Xzibit, and many more! So sit back and take a listen to some of the tracks on his upcoming album “King of G-Funk”. Visit www.budeboyent.com to grab the Kokane collection and get the latest scoop on the Bud E. Boy movement.

Kokane Presents: G-Funk Documentary pt. 1 (Video)

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