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Doja Cat – Magic Pink Capsule/MPC


The quintessence of eclectic in both her style and sound, the beloved Doja Cat blesses her adoring audience with a beautifully odd record, “Magic Pink Capsule/MPC”, which may not only embody her artistic personality as a whole, but also be an underlining sentiment shared with much of today’s generation of joyful junkies and artful addicts. Soothed by her melodies, stimulated by the trunk thumpin’ bass, and steered by the feeling of being suspended into thin air, Doja Cat keeps true to her unexpected mannerisms, surprising her seemingly starved fan base with a much needed dose of her potent presence. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come, as we are still at the top of the year & we have already been so fortunate to have received music from the gully goddess herself; only feeding the growing appetite to see/hear her from her more than loyal fans, and creating a nation wide demand for the former soundcloud sensation recognized for her sultry & seductive sound.

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