LegSweep Specialist join J-Luv and Starr Saxxxon for Episode 160 of Microphone Masters Radio.

The duo chat with J-Luv about creating music together and building off of the strength of the other. While this may be your first time hearing about the group they have paid their dues individually in this music game and that comes across in their music.

So, the new ATCQ is out…some are praising it as an instant classic while others are more middle of the road with their assessment. Starr Saxxxon and J talk about this project and the target demographic.

The election is behind us but the residue remains. Republicans have won the White House and the losers (Democrats) are protesting and very upset. J and Saxx talk about being sore losers and what the next step should be.

Check out tracks from Tiff the Gift, Brother Ali, Raiza Biza, Precinct Phantom & Boombap’in, Daddy Grace, Pearl Gates & Syll, Run the Jewels, Kxng Crooked, Jered Sanders, T.I. and More

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Microphone Masters Radio Episode 160 (11-16-16) Tracklist

Intro – New Tribe; Out of the Loop? “We Got It From Here…Thank you 4 your service” D.I.T.C. Sessions
Tiff the Gift – Resolutions
Kxng Crooked feat Eminem – Welcome to Planet X
Raiza Biza – Wassup
Segment 1: LegSweep Specialist
LegSweep Specialist – Tell Um What It Is
Daddy Grace – Call Me
T.I. featuring Marsha Ambrosious – Dope
Segment 2: Sore Losers?: Reaction to the Trump Victory
Precinct Phantom and Boombap’in – Wild and Rugged
Run the Jewels feat Boots – 2100
Jered Sanders – Who Am I
D.I.T.C. – Brolic
Segment 3: mm@dubcnn.com
NOK – Broken Wings
Pearl Gates & Syll – Symphonic
Last Word
Brother Ali – Us

Microphone Masters Radio Episode 160 (11-16-16) Show (Stream/Download)

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