The Behind The Rhyme team have just announced their first ever festival, “That DJ Made My Day.”

The team explained;

The DJ is hip hop’s most crucial contributor, and the festival across two days will let the masters of the wheels of steel take us through the history of hip hop.

Hour by hour and era by era, a mix of legendary DJs and the next generation will celebrate the beats, rhymes and flows from day 1 to 2021 – and the best bit, you can watch from anywhere via Twitch!

Catch sets from DJ Green Lantern, DJ Holiday, DJ Infamous, Rockwilder, Mad Skillz, DJ Miss Milan, Chuck Chillout, Cut Creator, DJ Hurricane, DJ Hollywood, Nico and more.

We spoke to Shaheem Reid about the festival and he told DubCNN:

Here at Behindtherhyme we have been specializing in orchestrating tremendous moments for the culture you don’t see anywhere else. This festival is a going to be an extravaganza where we literally are giving you an audio and visual timeline of hip-hop. If you love the culture, if the culture has touched your soul or stimulated your brain in any way, you are not going to want to miss this.

DJ Chill Will also told DubCNN;

If you love hip hop music, then you definitely appreciate the art of the disc Jockey AKA the DJ. Hard to count the times you’ve said “That DJ Made My Day”. It takes a special gift to bring together all these generations of Hip Hop and this Festival and these legends are going to do just that. Making people dance, smile, cry, You name it despite the demographics, cultural differences, economic status or worldly challenges!  We will be taking our audience on a journey and we invite you to come along! See you in the VIP.


Spread the word and remember, it’s only available on Twitch from Jan 22-23, head there for details.

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