The Real Richie Rich & DJ Battlecat: West Coast Poplock 2020 (Remix)

The Real Richie Rich (of the West Coast pioneering group “L.A. Dream Team”) has given DubCNN the exclusive on an unheard remix.

Today we can drop off a new remix of Ronnie Hudson’s “West Coast Poplock 2020″ which sees DJ Battlecat and The Real Richie Rich combine!

The classic track – which features artists including Snoop Dogg ,Too Short, E-40, Zapp Troutman, Rappin 4-Tay, Celly Cel and Ronnie’s younger brother on the talkbox, Funkmaster Ozone - was given a funky new twist by the duo back in 2011 but it’s release officially delayed by a studio upgrade and relocation. Other versions of the track exist but this is the first time we’ve heard this exact one - give the track a spin below and drop a comment!

The Real Richie Rich & DJ Battlecat: West Coast Poplock 2020 (Remix)



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  • HeyRay

    Classic shit right here, dopeee



  • Wstsider

    where is celly cel @?

    • OYGLOC

      He starts after Snoop Dogg and goes for “It’s going down in Cali”..

      Listen to Celly Cel’s “It’s Going Down” hit and you will see.

  • AlkaWeSt

    lol it remix or real but lol oh whaaaaaa big tunes

    • HeyRay

      it’s a remix and more like a alternate version of West Coast Poplock, of Ronnie Hudson – Rappers Rap Group-