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Help Make A Million & Katrina Victims


A bizzare yet unique idea has spawned the creation of The Real Million Dollar Homepage, an idea which will not only help two college friends raise funds for their education but also raise much needed money for the victims Hurricane Katrina. The idea is simple: to try and make $1,000,000 by selling 1,000,000 pixels for $1 each. The motivation to buy is, number one, help support the victims of a terrible natural disaster and at the same time have an image and a link to your site that could potentially be seen by millions of people over the coming years. The site owners have guaranteed that the project will be online for at least 5 years with a plan to keep this “timecapsule” online forever.

Head on over and if you can buy your pixels, get an image and a link on the site and at the same time support the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

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