Over at the DubCNN forums today Mietek23 dropped off a track we’ve not heard before – a seemingly unreleased Death Row Records cut!

The track is a 1994 session cut – reminiscent of early Death Row B-Sides – with  Snoop Doggy Dogg featuring Kurupt Tha Kingpin.

The track, titled “Every Dogg Has His Day aka Mysery II,” is believed to be produced by Dr. Dre and showcases Snoop & Kurupt both in their primes and is a real trip back to the Death Row studios – and another record that didn’t seem to find a home on any released record or project. Listen below and show your love to Mietek23 over at the DubCNN forums.


Snoop Doggy Dogg & Kurupt – Every Dogg Has His Day (1994) (Produced by Dr. Dre) Audio



For those using iOS, mobile or a non-flash compliant browser – listen below

Show your love to Mietek23 over at the DubCNN forums.

  • Matt Redpath

    and this why when dre left death row he should of signed kurupt and brought him with him, then maybe the aftermath album he dropped wouldn’t have flopped, and he could of had eminem and kurupt killing the game

  • Jarrod Echols

    Does anyone know where where I can find mobbin with the pound the above the rim version?