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CartelSons “Solo But Not Alone” Album With Kam, MC Eiht, Foesum & More


Last year we introduced you to DJ & producer CartelSons, from Lyon in France.

His production for Mr Criminal’s “Death Before Dishonor” LP and “I’ve Gotta Get It” with Mac Lucci and Roscoe on Cortez Muzik 3 earned him a rep that led to a compilation.

Drugstore Music” was released last year via his Facebook page and features verses from a plethora of Westcoast talent including Daz and KuruptRasco, Celly Cel, CMG (Conscious Daughters), Enois Scroggins, MC Eiht, Foesum, Roscoe, Curtis Young (Dr Dre son), Sean-T, Soopafly, Wayniac (Tha Twinz), Young Dazzie, Big Hutch (Above The Law), Tha Realest, Ecay Uno, Shade Sheist, Damizza, Dopey Loco, E-White, Tangled Thoughts, Bad Azz, Knoc-Turn’Al, Big2DaBoy, Wiz Propane, Mr Criminal, Sinful El Pecador, Butch Cassidy, Slip Capone and many more! Standout tracks included “Wake Up In Cali” with MC Eiht & Foesum!

In recent weeks CartelSons has released a brand new project titled “Solo But Not Alone” featuring 13 brand new records with another mix of Westcoast talent! The project – which he completed in just a month – continues the sound and feel of “Drugstore Music” as he’d produced over 200 records for that release! We urge you to support this release and order via his Facebook page – to help convince you we have three tracks from the LP to check out – “Away” featuring Shade Sheist, Quictamac, Dazzie Dee & Von Jackson, “What We Used To” featuring Foesum, Young Dazzie, Monster Loco, Johnny Collarosi, Bigg Two-J and the hard-hitting “Internet Gangstaz” with Kam, MC Eiht, Sean-T and Aloe Joel!


CartelSons – Solo But Not Alone (3 Track Sample) Audio



CartelSons – Solo But Not Alone (Tracklist)

01) Real West Soldiers (Feat. Ms Toi, Bossolo & Aloe Joel)
02) Anutha Story (Feat. Spice 1, Bossolo, Half Deezy & Aloe Joel)
03) Never Be The Same (Feat. Moster Loco)
04) Away (Feat. Shade Sheist, Quictamac, Dazzie Dee & Von Jackson)
05) Internet Gangstaz (Feat. Kam, MC Eiht, Sean-T & Aloe Joel)
06) Concrete Jungle (Feat. J-Minixx & Bossolo)
07) Time Fly (Feat. Layzie Bone, Baby Eazy, Half Deezy & Johnny Collarossi)
08) Face The RIP (Feat. Johnny Collarossi)
09) Kill Ya Self (Feat. Tekneek, N.U.G. & Nile Elo)
10) Nite Drama (Feat. Slip Capone & Big2DaBoy)
11) Can’t Turn Back (Feat. Sly Boogy, Quictamaz & Von Jackson)
12) Tha West (Feat. Young Dazzie, Monster Logo & Dazzie Dee)
13) What We Used To (Feat. Foesum, Young Dazzie, Monster Loco, Johnny Collarosi & Bigg Two-J)

Produced by & Executive Producer: CartelSons

Enjoy the new media and if you like what you hear ensure you support CartelSons and order today via his Facebook page.