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20 Years Since “Tha Triflin’ Album” – Get King T “Still Triflin'” FREE!


We’ve already celebrated 20 Years once today and we’re about to do it once again, this time with King T!

Earlier today we celebrate 20 Years since the release of Menace II Society with a Mega-Mix and now we are celebrating that this weekend saw the 20th Anniversary of the classic King T LP “Tha Triflin’ Album.”

“Tha Triflin’ Album” dropped on January 26, 1993 and was the third album by the West Coast legend. The album marked the introduction of Tha Alkaholiks and was a foundation for King Tee’s Likwit Crew.

Today King T hit us up about the Two-Decade-A-Versary and approved us allowing his “Still Triflin” project – which we dropped for 24 hour Free download on December 11th 2012 – back on Dubcnn for ANOTHER 48 HOURS AS A FREE STREAM & DOWNLOAD!

The 22 track epic features appearances from MC Eiht, Big 2da Boy, Yung Gold, Xzibit, Silky Slim, Butch Cassidy, Eastwood, BG Knoccout, Roc C, Sean Price, Rampage, Valle Ru, 1st Generation, Short Khop, Mitchy Slick, Tha Relativez, Staycee Adamz, Mac Lucci, Brevi, 2nd II None, C-Bo, Mathew Aaron Gadson, Deadly Threat, Rapheal Saddiq, Tha Chill, Ruff Dogg, 1 Punch, Jay Da’ Man, J-Ro, Roscoe, Ras Kass, Tristate, Styliztik Jonez, Dresta The Gangsta and more – over production from another breathtaking list including Poetiq Beets, Seige Monstrosity, The Futuristiks, Klassic, Illmind, Felony Muzik, Soul P, Rikanatti, Cin-a Matik, Dae One, LD Beatz, Alonzo Jackson, HogHead, Blaktoven, Bend Ladin, Jon Doe as well as King T himself!

This time around Tee sent this message about the release of “Tha Triflin’ Album” back in 1993

I feel it was a great time in my career, with me coming into myself more as a artist/producer. Tha Triflin Album also was the platform that introduced the world to Tha Alkaholiks, forming Tha Likwit Crew.

Join Tee in celebrating the 20 years since it’s release and enjoy the release below and then support it via iTunes!


King T – Still Triflin’ (Mixtape)


King T – Still Triflin’ (

01) Ricky Rozay Intro
02) Tha Return (Produced by Poetiq Beets)
03) Do U Rememba Me (Feat. MC Eiht, Big 2da Boy & Yung Gold) (Produced By Seige Monstrosity)
04) Pus-say (Feat. Xzibit, Silky Slim & Butch Cassidy) (Produced by The Futuristiks)
05) Catch a Body (Feat. Eastwood & BG Knoccout) (Produced by Klassic)
06) Champions (Feat. Roc C & Sean Price) (Produced by Illmind)
07) It Ain’t Eazy (Feat. Rampage) (Produced By Felony Muzik)
08) From Pacoima With Luv (Feat. Valle Ru) (Produced by Soul Soul Professa)
09) Sharkz In Da’ Watah (Feat. 1st Generation, Short Khop, Mitchy Slick & Tha Relativez)
10) Sharkz In Da’ Watah (SuWoopMix) (Feat. 1st Generation, Mr Short Khop, Mitchy Slick & Tha Relativez) (Remixed By King T & Professor X)
11) I’m Gon’ (Feat. Staycee Adamz) (Produced by Rikanatti & Cin-a Matik)
12) LA Kingz (Feat. Mac Lucci & Brevi) (Produced by Dae One)
13) Good II Ya (Feat. 2nd II None) (Produced by LD Beatz)
14) My Angel (Feat. Staycee Adamz & Rapheal Saddiq) (Produced by Alonzo Jackson)
15) Nature (Feat. C-Bo & Mathew Aaron Gadson) (Produced by HogHead & King T)
16) Tha Chill (Interlude)
17) Soul Plate (Feat. Deadly Threat & Tha Chill) (Produced by Poetiq Beets)
18) Uza Hoe (Feat. Ruff Dogg, 1 Punch & Jay Da’ Man) (Produced by Blaktoven)
19) Chris Rock (Interlude)
20) Step 2 Da’ Left (Feat. J-Ro) (Produced by King T)
21) Dogz Barkin’ (Feat. Roscoe, Ras Kass, Tristate & Styliztik Jonez) (Produced by Bend Ladin)
22) A Letter 2 My Homeboyz (Feat. Dresta The Gangsta) (Produced by Jon Doe)


Remember this is available for FREE DOWNLOAD for just 48 HOURS so spread the word!


King T – Still Triflin’ (Cover Art)

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