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CartelSons Readies Westcoast Compilation With DPG, Roscoe, MC Eiht & Many More


Today we’re taking the WestCoast international and introducing DJ & producer CartelSons, from Lyon in France.

He’s produced records including “Kush Skit” on Mr Criminal’s “Death Before Dishonor” album and “I’ve Gotta Get It” with Mac Lucci and Roscoe on Cortez Muzik 3.

Two years ago, he set about working on his own westcoast album with the idea of making an EP of 5 tracks with the biggest talent from the West. Those ambitions were quickly superseded when he realised he had too many great records to just do an EP and is now getting ready to release an album later this month.

Getting Daz and Kurupt in the Studio in Lyon was a career highlight for CartelSons, given his upbringing on G-Funk and Gangsta Rap. He’s also managed to secure appearances on the album from an incredible mix of talent including, Rasco, Celly Cel, CMG (Conscious Daughters), Enois Scroggins, MC Eiht, Foesum, Roscoe, Curtis Young (Dr Dre son), Sean-T, Soopafly, Wayniac (Tha Twinz), Young Dazzie, Big Hutch (Above The Law), Tha Realest, Ecay Uno, Shade Sheist, Damizza, Dopey Loco, E-White, Tangled Thoughts, Bad Azz, Knoc-Turn’Al, Big2DaBoy, Wiz Propane, Mr Criminal, Sinful El Pecador, Butch Cassidy, Slip Capone and many more!

Today we can bring you not only two recently release videos, covers and the tracklist – but also an exclusive single, “Wake Up In Cali” with MC Eiht & Foesum! Show your support for this project and pre-order today via his Facebook page.

CartelSons – Wake Up In Cali (Feat. MC Eiht & Foesum) Audio



Rasco (Cali Agents) and CartelSons : Longevity (Intro) Video

Bad Azz and CartelSons – Turn It Up (Video)

The below isn’t a video, but we want to bring it as it’s a standout record from the release called “Tribute To Nate Dogg” from A-Dub and Shade Sheist – Shade drops a great verse using countless song titles of Nate Dogg classics, check it out!

CartelSons, Shade Sheist &A-Dub  – Tribute To Nate Dogg 


01) Rasco: Longevity (Intro)
02) Tha DoggPound, Celly Cel, CMG (Conscious Daughters) and Half Deezy: Lifestyle
03) Enois Scroggins: One Day
04) MC Eiht and Foesum: Wake Up In Cali
05) Roscoe, Curtis Young (Dr Dre son), Sean-T and Enois Scroggins: Bosses Only (2nd version)
06) Soopafly, Wayniac (Tha Twinz), Young Dazzie and Enois Scroggins: L.A Stories
07) Big Hutch (Above The Law), Tha Realest, Ecay Uno and Ase (Talkbox): On My Grind
08) Shade Sheist and A-Dub: Tribute For Nate Dogg
09) Damizza and Dopey Loco: Elevator Down
10) E-White: Troubled World
11) MC Eiht and Tangled Thoughts: Round Here
12) Bad Azz, Knoc-Turn’Al, Big2DaBoy and Wiz Propane: Turn It Up
13) Mr Criminal, Sinful El Pecador, Tekneek and Enois Scroggins: No Time For Bullshit
14) Butch Cassidy, Shade Sheist and Slip Capone: On Tha Run

Executive Producer: CartelSons

Enjoy the new media and if you like what you hear ensure you support CartelSons and pre-order today via his Facebook page.

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